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PC Animation Station
Record voices and sounds then edit, mix, morph, and even animate them
[ Record sounds and voices at or away from your PC (holds 4 minutes of sound and voices away from PC)
[ Download your recordings to your PC to create your own sound library Use sound effects and over 40 morphs
[ Type in phrases and have Cartoon Network™ characters say them.
[ Add, remove and mix words and sounds from one recording to another
[ Animate recordings with Cartoon Network™ characters
[ Share your recordings and animations through e-mail
Mixman DM2 Digital Music Mixer
Download music to mix, and scratch like a pro DJ. Software lets you pick from hundreds of music tracks to customize your own re-mixes. Hardware is like a complete recording studio with dual turntables, cross fader, joystick W.A.R.P. control and
transformer controls on a single, easy-to-carry unit.
Audio : 600 Tracks and Beats
Turntable : Independent Twin Digital Turntables with 16 Track Segments
Scratch : Dual Independent Scratching Rings
Effects : Joystick W.A.R.P. (Filters, Reverbs and Delay) Dynamic Cross fader A/B gated Transformer
Format : WAV Files
Software : 600 Tracks and Beats Studio Editing.
Real-Time control of Pitch, Panning,
Volume and Tempo Allows Importing
and Exporting of your files Comes
Complete With: Controller with USB cable and CDROM
microscope that connects to a computer. Software lets you view, edit, animate and even measure samples,
then create slide shows and videos. The microscope has the mobility to come out of its base for the viewing of larger or possibly live samples in their natural habitats.
Magnification : 10X, 60X, 200X
Light Source : Twin "Suberbrite" LEDs
Resolution : 640 X 480
Video Playback : 15 Frames per Second
Software features : Animation Video and Audio Editing
Text and Labeling, Measurement tools,
E-mail Comes Complete With: QX5 Computer Microscope, USB cable, Stand, Specimen Jars, Sample Slide, Tweezers, Eye
Dropper, Slide Clip, and Software CDROM
> Super-brite LED lighting for brighter, longer lasting top and bottom illumination
> Higher resolution (640x480) for more detailed images
> Video playback now three times faster at 15 frames per second
> Sample measurement tools built into the software
> Magnify objects and view them on your PC, at 10X, 60X, and 200X.
> Take snapshots, video, and time-lapse movies
> Manipulate images with drawing and painting tools
> Experiment with your creations using special effects and sound
Shoot anywhere and then edit full length movies on your PC. Software lets you change scenes, add
animation , create stop-motion movies, add music, sound effects, and even titles. The camera stores video and
audio away from computer, or shoots indefinitely when attached to a computer.
Memory : 16 MB onboard
Recording Time : 4 minutes away from PC, unlimited when attached to a PC
Resolution : 320 x 240 Video. 640x480 Photos.
Focus : Auto focus
Audio Recording : Built in Microphone.
Software Features : Animal, Video & Audio Editing, Add Text and Credits, Select Music Tracks, Email & Playback tools.
Comes Complete With : Digital Camera, Docking Station with USB cable, wrist Strap and CD rom.
Zoomshot Digital Snapshot Binoculars
binocular and  digital camera combination.  The unique hardware allows your field binoculars to catch and save your outdoor experiences as it doubles as a digital camera with the touch of a button.
Binocular : 8 X 21 Prism
Camera Magnification
and Resolution : 8 X VGA (640 X 480)
Memory : 8MB
Field of View : 380’ at 1000 yards
Weight : 8.5 oz.
Software Features
Animation. Video and Audio EditingAdd Text and Credits. Select Music Tracks E-mail and Playback Tools. Comes
Complete With: Binoculars with USB cable, carry case,lenses cloth, and CD-ROM
American Idol Digital Camcorder
can record their own video and music using the camera and microphone, the edit in images from the hit TV contest. Add back-ground musicians, actual stages/sets, special effects
Memory : 16 MB onboard
Recording Time : 4 minutes away from PC,unlimited w en attached to a PC
Resolution : 640 x 480 VGA
Dual Microphones : Hand held microphone plugs into PC mic port; integrated
Microphone in camera
Software Features : - Add animated American Idol judges. - Video and Audio editing
Suite. - Insert "pop up video" effects. - Select from over 12 popular songs to sing along. - 6 minute Instructional video from
professional Music Video director.
Comes Complete With : Camera, Hand held Microphone, Docking Station, Wrist Strap and CD-ROM.
Film extreme sports moments . The lightweight self-contained unit records video and audio at the touch of a button with no external cords necessary.  It even comes with a real laser pointer for targeting.
Memory : Comes wit a 32MB removable SD memory card
Controls : Easy on/off recording switch
Recording time : Over 3 Minutes
Unlimited when attached
Resolution : 640 X 480
Focus : Auto Focus
Audio Recording : Built in microphone with 12' range
Software Features : Animation, Video and audio, editing. Add text and credits. Select music tracks Email and play back tools
Comes complete with : Camera, Docking Station with attached USB cable, Helmet Attachments, and CD-ROM.
You can list your product prices for reference by Indian buyers or  request a quote from multiple suppliers. For further details or specific requirement, please send an email , use our feedback form with your address, phone no. and complete specifications. 

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